A new Asterix book coming soon

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Intiniki posted this 22 October 2015

Asterix article - may contain spoilers! 

Probably the first comics I read as a child. My uncle gave me all his old Asterix books wihch I still have. I also got a few Tin Tins but wasn't so much into them. I've even been to Asterix Parc in France (we took 2 kids to justify it - they didn't know who Asterix was!) 


Anyone else a fan?


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Fowllyd posted this 22 October 2015

I read a load of them when I was on a French exchange in my late teens - the French is nice and simple. My favourite was Asterix among the Britons - seeing everything any Briton said prefaced by "Je dis..." was just wonderful. A joke that would probably have appealed more to French adults than children, now I think of it, and it ccertainly worked for an English teenager.

Chertsey Saint posted this 22 October 2015 - Last edited 22 October 2015

I did indeed enjoy it as a child/early teenager. Sophisticated and satirical comic, I used to enjoy going to the library weekly so I could Getafix.

After that I progressed onto Calvin & Hobbs and Gary Lawson's 'The Far Side'. 

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Numptyboi posted this 23 October 2015 - Last edited 23 October 2015

I have a few of the books from many years ago, but as I was Council, i used to read proper comics like Whizzer & Chips, before progressing onto Fiesta, Razzle and Young Tit.

ant posted this 23 October 2015

Yep, used to rent them out from my hometown library. Would be interested to know how many I ploughed through actually - looks like there's 35 in total and I must have done a solid 15 to 20.

Also vaguely seem to remember either a TV show or some feature-lengths? Often seemed to be on around Xmas. Most of the videogames were trash, which was a shame.

Think it must be the characterisation that drew me in as I wasn't overly keen on the visual style.

BTripz posted this 23 October 2015

I used to read a lot of the Asterix comics and books when I was a kid, don't remember how I procured them must have been libraries or the like.

Not read the French ones so have missed the "je dis" joke which is a shame. I guess they didn't have the same names in the French comics as that wouldn't make much sense would it?

Asterix - yes, Obelix - yes, Dogmatix - no, Vitalstatistix - no...

Mangobean posted this 23 October 2015

Always loved the innuendo of the names - druid called getafix