Arsenal v Saints Match Thread

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Fatso posted this 02 February 2016

Where did you go?

Barry Sanchez posted this 02 February 2016

Football Fatso, I attempt roll back the years every now and then.

Fowllyd posted this 02 February 2016 - Last edited 02 February 2016

Just got home, hadn't seen the score. Excellent result.

Rallyboy posted this 03 February 2016

Wenger was ridiculous after we tore them a new one at SMS so fair play to Ron for letting him know what he thought.

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gr8saint posted this 03 February 2016


Just goes to show the confidence that Forster instills in the boys in front of him, does it not?

Personally happy with that result and our recent record against Arsenal also.

Kudos to Koeman for telling Wenger how it is, too! Didn't see Wenger moaning when they nicked the points at the death of the game last season, did we?

ant posted this 03 February 2016

Fraser fucking Forster, man.


gr8saint posted this 03 February 2016

Originally posted by ant

Fraser fucking Forster, man.


 The funniest part about it, Ant, is that even when he's playing shit - we wouldn't know because the 4 in front of him have confidence in him and do their best to stop it even going that far!

Last season, he was statistically worse than Boruc was the previous season, but he was the king when it came to cleansheets! At the end of the day, that's the bit that matters. smile

Jack Schitt posted this 03 February 2016 - Last edited 03 February 2016

Originally posted by Fowllyd






The first quote, is a straight up Jack Schitt original. Be honoured that I shared it with you. tongue-out The second, attributable to that old wonderful wizard of weed, Gandalf, and the third -- belongs to the legendary crime-fighting super-hero -- Batfink. (Anyone remember that cool little dude?)

All of them however, describe Fraser Forster's fantastic performance tonight. lou_surprised 

The one flying to his left, arm outstretched... to tip it over the top left-hand corner -- that was world fucking class. I was rubbing my eyes like the sleepiest fucking giant that ever was, awaking from its deathly-deep slumber to find itself dumped in some decrepid craphole in something called League Two. What the fuck!? How the hell did he save that?! surprised

The entire defensive and central midfield unit put in a superb shift, but I thought Oriel Romeu was outstanding tonight.

In true p*mpey fashion -- that really was a hard-earned 0-0 victory. lou_lol

Sadoldgit posted this 03 February 2016

Four points from Manure and Arsenal away! Cant complain at that. Very happy for the team and especially Ron after the caning he was getting after the poor run we had. Forster has made such a difference since he returned and we are now playing to our potential and have stopped shipping silly goals. Bring on WetSpam!

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Rallyboy posted this 03 February 2016

West Ham is a must win!

Not in a teetering on the brink in April sort of way, we just need to close that gap on them before it becomes a chasm.


We need to finish above Liverpool....make it so, Ronald.

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SaintByChoice posted this 03 February 2016

Outstanding performance from Fraser Forster, at least 5 worlld class saves. Honourable mention for Romeu as well, had an excellent game.

Pleased with the point.

Sussexsaint posted this 03 February 2016

I thought Romeu had a really decent game as well, not really mentioned due to the Fraser plaudits. Hope Mane gets his goal scoring mojo back soon. He works his socks off but just can't finish.

any news on Charlie's injury ?

Bucks posted this 03 February 2016

Romeu really is one of those players who improves with a run of games.  Has been very good in recent weeks and I agree he was superb last night.  

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Bearsy posted this 03 February 2016

I've been reading bout Koeman trolling Arsene Wenger in the tunnel, apparently it was like:

WENGER: Oi Ref! Ur always the same!

KOEMANS: Shut up Wenger! Ur always the same! i.e. always blaming ref cos yo strikers can't score!

WENGER: Butt out of it, Coo Man.

KOEMANS: Come on Arsene, you've got to admit... I've got a point! HAHAHA! I've got a point! In ur face!

Then I think Koeman bodyslammed him or something. It ws kick off bigtime!

Sussexsaint posted this 03 February 2016

I has photograph of the bust up


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Sfcsim posted this 07 February 2016

Taken from the Mash. 


Naturalists observe annual phenomenon of Arsenal shedding spine

NATURE experts have flocked to the Emirates stadium to observe the extraordinary spectacle of Arsenal FC shedding its backbone.

The phenomenon, common also to stingrays in the animal kingdom, occurs without fail every year around February.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “Like mating seasons or the Icelandic geysers, Arsenal’s transition to invertebrates occurs with astounding regularity.

“First, there is the build-up, which occurs from roughly September onwards. We see the Arsenal species clamber up the premier league to claim their place as leader of the pack.

“Then, however, quite suddenly, at the turn of the new year, their spines visibly drop out of their shorts and they spend the remainder of the season slithering about in fourth place.”

It is not known what causes the spine shedding phenomenon. Some have said it is to do with the onset of cold weather, and the unique effect it has on this most delicate variety of footballing animals.

Others have suggested some obscure connection between facing up to teams whose names begin with S, such as Southampton or Stoke, as if the letter triggers off the word ‘spineless’ in their DNA.

Brubaker said: “One of the most poignant sights in the natural world is the large worried eyes of a Mesut Ozil as he realises it’s happening yet again.”