Can you separate the art from the artist?

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SaintBristol posted this 04 November 2017

Design guru, became a strict Catholic, moved to Wales, started wearing hassocks and had sex with his dog  frown 

dinger posted this 06 November 2017 - Last edited 06 November 2017

Generally speaking I can separate out the art from the artist.  And even if I can't there's an argument that we go to art to experince elements of life from a completely other point of view.

But I make exceptions for a couple of things.  So, where somebody's world view is explicitly objectionable and not revealing anything to me except what a dick they are (I won't listen to Morrissey's UKIP bollocks anymore).

And where funding that artist directly funds activities that I'm opposed to.  So e.g. musicians like Boyd Rice ( ).

Rallyboy posted this 06 November 2017

I don't think we can.

On a personal level, I used to love Stuart Hall's reporting, but if he reappeared on radio I would now turn it off.

Ditto Lost Prophets, and Gary Glitter - there was harmless fun in hearing some of his stuff at a Christmas party, but his actions have killed his back catalogue.

You can't ignore the crimes to enjoy the art - and god help anyone who invested their pension in Rolf Harris paintings.


CB Saint posted this 06 November 2017

Might be a good time to invest in them

If the dog and daughter shagging artist above can maintain some popularity for his work, then sure as shit Rolf's work will appreciate over time when memories fade.

gavstar posted this 06 November 2017

Crossing two threads here but I think it's relevant.  when it comes to weinstein (and I know he isn't really an artist, more just the money man) I don't think I'll have too many problems avoiding his back catalogue, maybe on a sub-conscious level I have already been taking the moral high ground against him over the last 12 years by not watching the vast majority (Tarantino's efforts being pretty much the only exception).

weinstein company films

Coxford_lou posted this 06 November 2017

I don't find it easy to answer this question. The reality is I listen to music by lots of people who were complete shits. But over time, I sort of forget about it. Frank Sinatra for example.

Some people's misdemeanors have a bigger impact on me, and it definitely ruins their art. But others' I guess I'm charmed by their output, and I'm more forgiving. I'm sure if I delved deeper into my psyche there would be a pattern in terms of what triggers a reaction either way.