Childhood memories

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Sfcsim posted this 26 May 2016

Making massive car tracks all over the house and garden. 

Playing football over the second field (not daisy dip), about 20 a side with no real rules. Sometimes the wing play was nearly in Daisy dip! Amazing at times to think back, you had 6/7 year olds and their parents/grandparents playing. You would play for hours with rolling subs, which were made up of people returning from being out, then some would go in for their tea. Light would fade and you would still be going, hours of football. Then complete mayhem as it was called 'next goal wins'. 

I am sure there is still a game going now down the 2nd field from 1987 because no one has called 'next goal wins'. 

Sadoldgit posted this 26 May 2016

Nostalgia just isnt what it used to be!

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