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SaintBristol posted this 09 March 2018

It really was a joke he hadn't been given any award before. 

lifeintheslowlane posted this 11 March 2018

A very interesting documentary on BBC4 this coming week "The Ruth Ellis Files-A Very British Crime Story" (9 pm on Tues/Wed/Thur)

Hopefully this will present the true story of a woman who was poorly served by the British Judiciary at the time and by the British media ever since. A friend of mine (Monica Weller) was an advisor in the making of the documentary as she ghost wrote Ruth Ellis's sister's story "Ruth Ellis - My Sister's Secret Life" back in 2005.

A lot of unanswered questions "Establisment" cover-up...did they have secrets to hide...would Ellis's survival cause them problems...could a frail, abused and troubled woman weild a heavy military revolver to such an expert and deadly effect after just one practice session just days before the event?

Intiniki posted this yesterday

A hard watch "Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation" on BBC. 2 episodes out of 3 watched. Last night was about the murder and his mother's pursuit of getting justice. Tonight's about The System ending with the Mcpherson report. 

I don't remember much about the murder in the news at the time. I'd have been 17 and being a young idiot.  We also didn't have the rolling news that we do now so it wouldn't have been as full on as now when a young person is stabbed. The assumptions made about Stephen and his friend. I wonder how far we have come since then. 

Tonight they showed videos of the accussed being racist and playing with knives. There is a retired copper who I haven't warmed too. See if you can work out which one. 

I do remember the Mcpherson report coming out 6 years later in 1999 and attending training via my union about it. 

Quite interesting timing given the Windrush issues currently. 

SaintBristol posted this yesterday

You'd like to think it just couldn't happen now.  The Met police were (they may still be) pretty corrupt and frankly racist.

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Intiniki posted this yesterday

Originally posted by SaintBristol

You'd like to think it just couldn't happen now.  The Met police were (they may still be) pretty corrupt and frankly racist.

 The one particular cop didn't see the institutional racism. Racismto him seemed to be an overt thing, a comment or action and not a group of people making assumptions about people who are not like them. 

SaintBristol posted this yesterday

If Stephen Lawrence had been a white middle class teenager stabbed to death by a gang of black kids. the police may have treated it differently.  It's no different in Bristol ...