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 Yeah I had heard that this wasn't really all that it seems. 

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So, we can expect the rozzers to be knocking on Hunt's door and hauling him off to chokey soon then?

Thought not.

Fucking establishment.

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That tweet about Hunt the Cunt has now been taken down.


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Because the Parliamentary"standards" committee exonerated him and he apologised for the oversight.

Hmmmm..funny that



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Don't start me on GP appointments @lifeintheslowlane . Have been laid up with a "cold" since the weekend. I know I now have a chest infection - judging by the monstrous green grollies I'm impressing the family with. Could I get past the nazi bitch queen from hell on reception to get an appointment? Could I fuck. Think it accounts for my sunny disposition in recent days





 Ah yes I am currently on the coughing lungs up stage but didn't bother with GP just overdosing on cough mixture as it's a nightmare to see a GP here.

It's so bad my manager emailed me from the other side of office asking if I was ok. 

The local hospital is inadequate and has had 2 inspections saying that. So that is something to look forward to if I get really ill. 

 Mrs D_P started the air conditioning flu symptoms Monday. It is a local virus that comes to life as the season changes here. Normally like hay fever. IF you keep the anti-histamines going it doesn' go to your chest. But if it does you are screwed for weeks.

Anyway it spread. So today (weekend) walks in to the Doc waits 15 minutes. Blood pressure BMI and pulse checked. Then consultation after 10 minute wait. Then blood test, glucose drip chest x-ay and meds for us to travel.

Amazing service.

At a billable cost of £350.

Which simply puts our mandatory medical insurance cost up next year plus she will have restricted cover if it comes back again.

Private systems treat you quick but...