Food poisoning

  • Last Post 26 January 2018
CB Saint posted this 26 January 2018

Both the Ayatollah and I got done in Bali. Never ever eat the rice on one of those lunches provided on excursions.

we were both pole axed for a week. The only redeeming thing was our room had two dunnies. The worst part is definately needing to be sick halfway through purging your bowels and having to quickly turn to face what you have passed. I think I managed to eat 3 ritz crackers in five days.

i was still felling crook the day before our flight home. The fear of having the squirts on a long haul flight really does make you shit yourself. Fortunately in my case I felt better the following morning:

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Sadoldgit posted this 26 January 2018

I’ve have some nasty episodes, mostly after a KFC, but the worst was a dose of amoebic dysentery after having a fish curry for breakfast in the Maldives. After laying me low for a few days I felt fine, only for it to return with avengence a couple of weeks after my return. The only good thing about it was I lost a lot of weight very quickly.