Football Manager 2016

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Matthew Le God posted this 28 June 2016

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Tokyo-Saint posted this 28 June 2016

What is it about 16 year old Willie that caught your interest MLG? 

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Matthew Le God posted this 18 July 2016

His haircut.

Tokyo-Saint posted this 19 July 2016 - Last edited 19 July 2016

Good point MLG, the regens on FM are like if Nicky Clarke took over the running of the world and decided to go a bit mental. 9/10 player have some mental hair cut usually involving a Mohawk or the overuse of highlights. It's like if the fashion guy on Lorraine or This Morning has been asked his opinion of how footballers hair cuts will look in 4 or 5 years.       


The is particauly strange as the CM hairy bear, brown T-shirt guy Miles or whatever at FM has had more of less the same haircut since the 90's. 

BTripz posted this 19 July 2016

To be brutally frank and honest I think they've taken Raheem Sterling's offerings and calmed them down a bit.

How about tats though? Are footballers tats represented authentically in FM?