Games moved for TV on a Friday Good Idea or not

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Couldn't give a shit
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Dubai_Phil posted this 08 July 2016

Brilliant idea.

We can now go down the Pub for Brunch, from Noon to 4pm local.

Head to an after party pub until 8pm, then hit Rockbottom for Karaoke & free beers until arriving at Barasti for the game atv10:55pm.

Saturday lunchtime when we come round we can go online and see what the score was.

All we need now is to take out a mortgage to cover the cost of the beers.

(Actually being greedy, much happier to have a late night kick off on a Friday than on a midweek work day)

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Dohamike posted this 08 July 2016

Think they should make all games Friday evening except for the games I go home for and they should be Sat 3pm KO 😀