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SaintBristol posted this 9 hours ago

Originally posted by pap

I think Nikki might have been my favourite character of this one.   More switched on than the lot of them, including Varga.  She played a brilliant game.

I thought McGregor's accent slipped a few times in this, but I may have just been imagining stuff.

 Have you seen the first 2 Fargo seasons?  It's quite brilliant TV.  Noah Hawley, the showrunner/writer has created this fictional world based, with the approval of the Coens.  It's pretty reverential.  each season has a different theme though it's connected.  "This story isn't true"  

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My bird is obsessed with a show called Scandal. It is an American show. It is the dumbest show I've ever seen. It's about a bird called Olivia Pope who does pr in Washington, and is also banging the President. I fkn hate Olivia Pope! Whenever there is a problem and people don't know what to do, the sycophants she surrounds herself with turn to Olivia Pope and say, "Olivia, what does your gut tell you? Your gut is always right!"

Olivia's gut is the worst narrative device in all fiction. I'm really fkn sick about hearing about it! It's like a deus ex machina, whenever things don't make sense they turn to Olivia Pope's gut, and it magics up a fucking answer, without any referral to logic or sense.

the pacing of the show is all over the place too. In the episode I had to sit through the other night this bird was approached by people offering her money to run for president, and in the very next scene she was suddenly in a hospital having to do criminal things cos they were blackmailing her, and in the very next scene the things they had her do meant someone else went to prison, and in the very next scene she blackmailed them back to get the guy released, and in the very next scene he was back out and everything was ok. I was like, what the fuck is happening? Haven't like literally months just passed by?

The worst of it of course, is that being an american show there is approximately 700 episodes to wade through.

 Yeah a lot of women I've worked with do bang on about this show. Can't see the appeal.