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Mr_Pharmacist posted this 03 October 2016

BTripz posted this 03 October 2016

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But do you really think the ECB will give Test cricket to Bransgrove??

 Depends on whether he matches the financial deal that ECB lost with Durham. Have to assume the other Venues are already blocked for next year, not sure Cardiff get a good ROI on their investment either

Also depends IF he can make the financial deal,

Do think next year we will be better, the youngsters are coming on and we will have a new coach,,,,,

I guess with the kids being blooded this season and the return from injury of some of the seniors we should be OK.....maybe

SO5 4BW posted this 03 October 2016

In two minds about this - good that we've been reprieved but it always feel somehow wrong when issues are settled by off the field factors* 


* excluding any involving Portsmouth FC

Halo Stickman posted this 04 October 2016

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Bucks posted this 13 October 2016

Kent challenging the decision to keep Hants in Div One and not promote them instead.   Say it is a "perverse" decision. 

Er no, its not, get over it you fuckwits.  One club is being promoted from Div Two which was always the plan.  Not two.    Durham beat us (and took points off others) but had massive financial assistance through the season to do so.   NFI


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BTripz posted this 13 October 2016

I did like this bit

Kent say the governing body's stance is "wrong, procedurally flawed and in breach of fundamental legal principles".

Hmmm, wrong, maybe! procedurally flawed? nope! in breach of  fundamental legal principles? Not a lawyer but even I can't see how that can fly.

Maybe if they'd given Durham a points deduction or voided their results it would have made it a bit clearer...


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Halo Stickman posted this 15 October 2016