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Rallyboy posted this 27 September 2016

Nothing turns off the Sotonians crowd like a Corbyn/Brexit post...advertising political views on here is like getting your old chap out at a Harvester salad bar - or asking Claude to explain, in full detail, the settings on his cooker.


So Jeremy Corbyn and I were on the 4th tee in the VIP Open discussing whether his refusal to conform, allied with his 70s-style relationships with unions made him unelectable, which we both agreed he wasn't, and he said, 'shall I use a one iron?'

And Rihanna who was just walking past with Ralph McTell shouted, 'Why not use a driver, just like the EU fatcats who have their snouts in the travel expenses trough as our children continue to struggle to school through snow and hail as their hard-earned pocket money goes to fund white elephant projects across Europe!' 

We laughed, Jeremy took her advice and shot a voter-friendly four.

The end.


Sussexsaint posted this 27 September 2016

yeah, I had a crack at a golden post where Bearsy came out at MLGs funeral and Messi was there with Ralph and Kat. Lou was going to change her name to Dune for the kids at the hospital but it all fell apart after that.

The problem with writing the brilliant post you did RB is it isn't going to attract the landslide of downvotes intended as , per usual, it is thoughtful insightful and witty

Goatboy posted this 27 September 2016

Lee Trevino would hold a one iron aloft on his way round the course during electrical storms in the belief that not even God can hit a one iron.

That is my only golf story.

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