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The Kraken posted this 03 August 2015

Kraken's Top Ten from in and around Southampton:

1)  Zen, Below Bar.  Brilliant sushi and sashimi.

2) Kohinoor, Portswood.  The masala dosa and chili prawns are insanely good.  As is pretty much everything I've ever had in there, to be fair.

3) Coriander Lounge, Below Bar.  Really very good.

4) Marshalls (used to be Chambers). Kind of a Tex-Mex feel but really good grub. Excellent craft beers too.

5) Baan Thai, Portswood.  Used to be called Sara's.  Small, intimate but excellent food.

6) Kali Mirchi, Shirley.  I don't go here often enough, never had a bad meal here and some eye-opening dishes.

7) Ceno, Portswood.  They do excellent tapas style picky bits which are great.  Very nice decking out front when the weather is nice too.

8) The Rockstone.  Pub grub done very well.

9) Trago Lounge, Portswood.  Where I'd head to for a decent fry up.

10) The Goat.  Decent food on the occasions I've been, I'm not overyly keen on the atmosphere though. 

Intiniki posted this 03 August 2015

Have to agree with Kraken on 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9. 

Marshalls just went into administration. 

The Kraken posted this 03 August 2015

Originally posted by Intiniki

Have to agree with Kraken on 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9. 

Marshalls just went into administration. 

 I have to say I'm saddened but not surprised about Marshalls.  I like it as it's never overly busy (except on a match day); but that doesn't make a great business model.

Intiniki posted this 02 September 2015

Had a veggie sunday lunch at the Cowherds on Sunday and we were impressed that it was better than previous ones. The puddings were ridiculosly large. I essentially had a goblet of trifle!

They seems to have made the place brighter and refurb it a bit since we last went.

Intiniki posted this 12 October 2015

Was in Southampton this weekend and discovered Namaste Kerala is no more. Sad times. Apparently didn't pay their rent. 

Spent Sunday in the Dancing Man Brewery on a vintage stall. Didn't eat but it was very busy all day with people having some nice sunday roasts. Really like what htey've done with the place. If I lived in Southampton sure I'd be there lots.

Intiniki posted this 13 February 2016

Jesus it's cold in Southampton today. So I am in an ice cream place of course! Mundys on Bedford Place. Having a hot drink but it has little booths with games consoles and alcohol. So may be of interest to others.