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pap posted this 2 weeks ago

Originally posted by Cobham Saint

"...What Cobs implied, by saying that he knew one representative of a community was okay, was that people here were espousing the view that members of that community were not okay..."

That was certainly not the intent - jeez - read into it what you will if it fits your world view.

My time here is done I have nothing useful to say (flounces off exit stage left...)

 Mwah, Cobs.

You got one downvote, a couple of replies clarifying the position and you got away with calling me a cunt in two threads without me responding in kind.

There are better reasons to take your ball home.

Cobham Saint posted this 2 weeks ago

lolz - that's funny...



- off to Gatters for re pickup / drop off this week. Mebbe should have posted on the early wee prostate thread....

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Saint or sinner posted this 6 days ago

Another reminder from last week of Israels dehumanisation of the Palestinian population.

Cobham Saint posted this 6 days ago

Interesting story.

Sadly some politicians seem to be corrupt wherever the are...

pap posted this 6 days ago

Netanyahu is a patronising arsehole.

Who could ever forget his wonderful analogue Powerpoint on the Iran nuclear threat when he was trying to put the kibosh on the Iran nuclear deal?