Koeman fastest to 100 points

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pap posted this 16 February 2016

With Saints securing their 40th point of this season, Ronald Koeman has now tallied 100 points as Southampton FC manager, once you include our record breaking tally from last year.

I know that many of our managers haven't been around for 100 Premiership points ( or even the minimum 34 games! ) but even so, that is the quickest a Saints manager has ever achieved that Premier League tally.

Hope he sticks around long-term, because he will be a tough act to follow.

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Sussexsaint posted this 16 February 2016

I'll enjoy him while he's here. Aside from MLT we are usually just a stopping off point to bigger and better things.

Mind you under RL we were also the stepping down point from bigger and better things for a while

Rallyboy posted this 16 February 2016

Bearing in mind we thought we had a good manager who was going to stick around and he buggered off, the board dug us out of a hole bigtime in identifying and then convincing Ron that we were a good idea.

It's a bit like when players leave, though there is a limit to how many good players you can replace, we seem to have a good set-up for staff replacement now.

WHEN Ron leaves we won't be in the market for a Redknapp or an Allardyce - we will march on, with the odd stumble.

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pap posted this 16 February 2016

While I agree that we've got a good setup for getting the right man in, I also heard the same thing said about Swansea for years.   They lost the likes of Martinez and Rodgers but were still able to get names through the door.    Guidolin has been doing better than Monk this season, and I reckon they've got a decent manager there.    However, none of that looked particularly planned - we'll need to guard against similar complacency.

CB Saint posted this 16 February 2016

Pretty sure that Les will have a long list of potential managers who fit the mould.

If RK does put ink to paper in the next 9 months, then the search will start in earnest. - I will be nice to have an orderly transition.

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Fatso posted this 16 February 2016

Ronald koeman looks a little like tintin and always talks of playing out of a good organisation.

Sfcsim posted this 17 February 2016

Fantastic manager who will go on to be a success at a 'big' club without a doubt. 

Dubai_Phil posted this 17 February 2016

The hopeful thing right now is that the "Big Club" EPL musical chairs game has been pretty much played out, so it is unlikely that RK will head off in any northerly direction.

The issue will then be the European Teams currently losing their managers who start turning an eye to him, don't think he'd want to move to the Bundesliga, but Atletico Madrid for example could be a good stepping stone for him and might be very tempting.

ant posted this 18 February 2016 - Last edited 18 February 2016

Yeah but everyone knows that this is Koeman's secret.

Dubai_Phil posted this 18 February 2016

Fastest to the beach this weekend as well

Ronald Koeman@RonaldKoeman 35m35 minutes ago Loulé, Portugal

Lunch with friends in 🇵🇹! Enjoy life!!

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Rallyboy posted this 18 February 2016

Weston shore is looking nice.