New Manager, Still Unaware Other Clubs Exist

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gr8saint posted this 13 January 2016

Don't forget that Gardos is almost back, too, so Caulker was (even more) surplus to requirements.

At least it frees up some of the wage budget and, rumour has it, Liverpool did pay us to cancel the loan deal.

Win-win for Saints and QPR....... gutted Liverpool. smile 

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Rallyboy posted this 13 January 2016

Caulker was mainly for use in the Europa League and the domestic cup competitions so it was a deal that made sense in August - especially if you hadn't seen him play.

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Sadoldgit posted this 13 January 2016

Originally posted by Fatso

they're very desperate though. I was talking to a Liverpool fan at lunch and although he recognised that caulker isn't great, they just need bodies. I think he said Lucas played CB last game.

I'm more than happy with Yoshida as spare CB. Like btripz says, the problem comes when he's played at right back. That said, I'm hoping we buy or loan a defender in the window. We desperately need a RB more than a CB and I'm never convinced entirely by people who can play both.

I would like to see us scour the lower leagues for some young, cheap talent to develop.

 I would disagree about Yoshida. The problem comes when he plays, full stop. He really isnt a Premiership quality player and I doubt if any other Premiership club would sign him if we decided to let him go.

Bucks posted this 13 January 2016

Been trading messages with some (decent) Liverpool fans and they are all in agreement that this is the worst player they have taken from us, even though the bar is set pretty low lou_lol

Rallyboy posted this 13 January 2016

He'd better not get his act together, I would just love it (Kevin Keegan voice), yeah, I would just love it if he has a few mares and we get to see them in slow motion a few times.