Rise of the machines

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Fatso posted this 11 March 2018

Elon Musk says AI is the biggest threat to mankind and that we need to colonise mars. 


If you had to choose 3 sotionians to be saved and sent to mars, who would you nominate? 

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  • Cobham  Saint
Cobham Saint posted this 11 March 2018


....errrr, that's it. Sorry



PhilippineSaint posted this 11 March 2018

Originally posted by gavstar

Same post 6 hours apart?  I smell a glitch in the matrix lou_surprised

 No just airports and planes in the way new login required along with the back button pressed and it looks like you never sent your last post so press post and Bob’s you Auntie in this new world. lou_lol

Intiniki posted this 4 weeks ago

Looks like my job is closer to being done by a machine. 


Slightly long read about ethics in our work in regards to this.

Fatso posted this 3 weeks ago

 Surely this should be the number one news story all over the world. This is crazy and scary. 


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SaintBristol posted this 3 weeks ago

 To be fair though, , I show more coordination walking back from the pub than this foot-in-mouth

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