Rise of the machines

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shurlock posted this 2 weeks ago

Originally posted by Goatboy

Yeah but which robot would you have?

 Has Tokyo Saint taken Erica? If not her.

Goatboy posted this 2 weeks ago

Is that Erica Roebot? 

She's not Toke's type. Not enough legs.

Halo Stickman posted this 2 weeks ago

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PhilippineSaint posted this 2 weeks ago

The paranoid android 

gavstar posted this 3 days ago

Originally posted by gavstar

Physio - 2.1% chance of being robotised, on the one hand my job is safe lou_lol, on the other no early retirement for me lou_sad


we're functioning automatic... taking all your jobs next week...


Spoke too soon lou_facepalm2

robot rehab