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lifeintheslowlane posted this 22 July 2015 - Last edited 22 July 2015

I did ask before but can external links posted be opened in a new window. Often when following a conversation that links elswhere, I forget to hit the back arrow on my browser and have to start all over again when wanting to continue in the original thread.

OK I know, silly me but these are ingrained habits. embarassed

pap posted this 22 July 2015

Heard and understood, gentlemen.   Got some more banner work to do at the weekend; will try to fit it in then.


Coxford_lou posted this 22 July 2015

Pap, I know you're patiently waiting for a full set of emoticons, but in the meantime, would it be possible to add the one penisface emoticon that Bearsy produced, to the set already installed. I keep finding good use for it.


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KRG posted this 23 July 2015

Apologies if covered elsewhere, but is soundcloud embedding possible?

pap posted this 23 July 2015

Originally posted by KRG

Apologies if covered elsewhere, but is soundcloud embedding possible?

Not now, but probably.  I will research and let you know.

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Halo Stickman posted this 27 July 2015

Can someone remind me how to post a link properly, please.

BTripz posted this 10 August 2015

Multiquoting please, it's a bit of a manual pain ATM

Bearsy posted this 05 January 2016

The Automatic Saints News thread is non-usable, cos it thinks I'm on page 320, so to get to most recent post on page 700 or whatever it is now, I would have to click through page after page + it takes ages RIP

Fatso posted this 05 January 2016

yep, that thread was shit when it started and is still shit now. It's not needed as they're are plenty of places to get saints news (eg news now). The last time I looked at that thread or was a load of Twitter posts from Steve grant, must of then not even about saints.

Tokyo-Saint posted this 05 January 2016

What bear says. I stopped being ITK as I had to scrole 379 pages 389 times. 

convict colony posted this 05 January 2016 - Last edited 05 January 2016

As a relatively new joiner from the dark side Pap you've done a spiffing job old chap.

I've been easily able to navigate around and ruin threads so all is in order.

I did think the ranking thing was done via posts not the voting buttons until today so that would account for my useless inputs not getting any votes, fortunately i can adopt my strategy by trying to add value.

Good job amigo.

gwc posted this 26 January 2018

Can we have a separate section for Comedy under The Arts?