Sotonians Soviets Results

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Saint or sinner posted this 23 October 2017

Originally posted by Cobham Saint

I demand a recount...

That should waste another 6 months or so...

It'll be longer. You didn't read paps earlier post. I'll paraphrase, but only slightly.

"I'm developing a new abacas for Sotonians, it will not be operational until Christmas, but the upgraded version will now include counting beads."

 I'm not sure how far along he is, but i expect the site to crash the first time he uses it. You know the abacas will fall apart and those little beads he painstakingly drilled and painted will roll into his computer and short-circuit the whole of Liverpool.

Another Sotonians firstlou_facepalm2


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Cobham Saint posted this 23 October 2017

I was trying to be generous tbf @SoS.

Now we've got the all new Soviet Brain Trust it's the beginning of a new era

I'm expecting things, not great things, but things