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KRG posted this 21 July 2015

~ Gamer Culture is Garbage ~

pap posted this 21 July 2015

Originally posted by KRG

~ Gamer Culture is Garbage ~

I read that article. Yeah, that's pretty shit, mush.   I say again though, the vocal minority of a subset of gamers.  Even within gaming communities, you find that division.   Barrens chat might not be entirely enlightened toward women in WoW, for example, yet most serious guilds are about half and half.

KRG posted this 21 July 2015

Hmmm. It may be a minority, but it's a decent sized one.

regardless of the size, any Dev, designer or writer that is forced out of the industry due to threats is too many. It still happens with a regularity that isn't seen elsewhere.

organised harassment and swatting are commonplace. People have died a.s a result of swatting, so I don't care how many are behind it, it's too many.

This is without getting on to the pathetic reliance on sexist, racist and violent tropes in games. The industry created a crappy culture, granted most are mature and level headed enough to see through it. But enough aren't that it's a serious problem that needs addressing.

ive seen it happen to friends and colleagues over nothing, heck I've had people try and hack me because of my employer. It's garbage man.

Anyway, journey is on PS4 so I'm going to download that, because it's awesome. And perhaps also play some civ5 which I got in the steam sale 😊


Bearsy posted this 21 July 2015

wtf is swatting ffs?

KRG posted this 21 July 2015

Making a hoax call to the police to get a swat team called to someone's house.

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pap posted this 26 November 2015

It's that time again.  Plenty of stuff on Steam sale.

I've recently agreed a Steam budget of £20 pcm with the missus.

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KRG posted this 26 November 2015

Not sure if they are on sale, but I'd recommend Downwell (it's only a couple of £ anyway), and Galak-Z which I played recently. 

pap posted this 26 November 2015

Elite: Dangerous is less than a tenner.

Of course, you'll end up blowing 100UKP on a flight stick within a few months :)

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pap posted this 09 February 2016

The New Year's sale is on at the moment.

Away from Steam, you can get NFS: Most Wanted for nowt on Origin atm.   It's the team that did Burnout Paradise, doing a version of that game in the NFS universe, with real world cars.

KRG posted this 17 February 2016

Make War Not Love strategy game marathon

If you grab them right now, Jet Set Radio and a solid collection of other Sega games aren’t just free for the moment; they’re yours to keep.

Sega’s running their third annual Make War Not Love strategy game marathonon Steam this week, but regardless of who wins, everybody else... also wins. Already, the showdown between players of Total War: Atilla, Dawn of War II, andCompany of Heroes 2 has yielded one bundle of free games, with two more on the way later this week.

The first bundle—which you can grab right now—includes Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (plus DLC), and Sega Classics. If players of the aforementioned strategy behemoths keep competing to see who can, uh, play their respective game harder, the second free bundle will give you Streets of Rage II, Binary Domain, and Condemned: Criminal Origins. The third will includeGunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops, and Viking: Battle for Asgard.


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