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Dubai_Phil posted this 4 weeks ago

The UN are confident.

wtf does that mean?

52% of Brita were confident about Brexit.

Many of you on the match day thread are confident about us beating Brighton.

May was confident about calling an election


Dubai_Phil posted this 2 weeks ago - Last edited 2 weeks ago

Thought I'd post this in here. A lot has been going on don here of late, and this article sums up the Guradian's analysis. I won't comment on that.

What is true is that Iraq WAS the balance in the web down here and the US did drop an almighty clanger. 

Now more than anything this part of the world stands to be somewhere to keep an eye on. 

What I would say is how much of this stuff has happened SINCE Trump visited Saudi, but no I won't speculate.

Even more dangerous times.

Cobham Saint posted this 2 weeks ago

I suppose that in Tango Man's mind a war will be fine as it'll be two branches of Islam killing each other - so fewer terrorists to bomb the west.

Suspect we'll be drawn in to it - on the Saudi side - especially as we have that clown BoJo looking after our foreign interests.

Goatboy posted this 2 weeks ago - Last edited 2 weeks ago

From what I have read neither the US nor Israel are keen on war in Lebanon.

I would be more worried if I was living in Qatar.  The crown Prince will want to flex some muscle and having bombed the fuck out of Yemen I reckon the tanks could have a run out in Qatar. 

Goatboy posted this 2 weeks ago - Last edited 2 weeks ago

Would have been nice of the Beeb to credit RT as they've been banging on about this for ages.

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