The 2017 Sotonians Awards Thread

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pap posted this 31 January 2018

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Is there a most unlikely to win an election but won an election award (sponsored by Brexit). If so I want to claim mine. I think it might have been from 2016. 

Also, how come ya are so fucking proficient at counting votes all of a sudden?


I'm good at all sorts of counting when suitably inspired.

Congratulations on your 1000th upvote.   Looking forward to your suggestions on how we can make Southampton as mindlessly sectarian as your first team.


I am sure this outrageous claim was only fueled by our resident bin dipping midget having half a can of cheap Jamaican lager, however, I feel it is important to dispell the rumour about my "first team" and sectarianism.

I would like to make it 100% crystal clear that Sex, Drugs and Mane have no sectarian links whatsoever. The team is made up of a number of players from mixed backgrounds, nationalities and religions. They are of varying abilities and prices with the only common denominator being that all players turn to shit as soon as I bring them in or turn amazing when I transfer them out. Harry Kane and more recently Eden Hazard have demonstrated this perfectly.

 We are not sectarian and any hun bastard who says differently can have their kneecaps blown off. 

  love Tokes. 



 I said "first team", not "wet dream".

Tokyo-Saint posted this 31 January 2018


At my current age cunt nugget: 

1) Sex Drugs and Mane. It is my fault that we are shit and I can do something about it. 

2) Saints. Like a shit addiction (e.g speaking with you). I can't stop it, it is in my blood, I travelled back from Japan to go to Watford in the cup semi-final. I was addicted. Been to a lot of games (all over the UK including some of our smallest crowds) would not wish in you. Northern shithholes not seen outside of 3 girls (you will know the places). Can't help it. We all know it is a lifetime of pain with moments of joy ruined by DJs playing "Chelsea Chelsea etc" I even worked with us pricks as a kid. 

3 Morton - My hometown.  Went to loads of games as a kid,  usually when visiting family.  Haven't checked their results in years. Worse than saints but I can't change shit as per 1. 

4) Celtic. Religion  I was born into, Great for a trip or stag do. Bonus if it annoys pushing bin dippers like you.

You can send me more friendly PMs next time there is a danger we meet in person. Know that I will respond politely as always but do not forget. Until then, x.