The Coleco Chameleon: A clusterfuck of fabrications and outright lies

  • Last Post 07 March 2016
ant posted this 06 March 2016

Found this pretty bloody funny. 3/10 for effort, 7/10 for entertainment (could rise based upon what happens next).


TL;DR: man buys mouldings for defunct Atari Jaguar console, shoves random components into the case, expects to raise nearly $2 million.

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Sussexsaint posted this 07 March 2016

Holy crap that is hilarious. Never try and out geek the geeks :D

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pap posted this 07 March 2016

I'm getting echoes of the pool match vs "Chas" on Saturday night.   He told me he could hack in both Java and Javascripts.  Scary.