The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created.

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 Feck me SoS.

 I'd rather not, but thanks for the offer.

You make hypochondriac look like a poodle.

Hypochondriac? Another breed of dog, that looks nothing like a Poodle? You'll have to explain if not.

I got to the bit where you ask for evidence that Putin's regime has taken out dissidents and wonder whether you are being serious or just want an argument (the full hour by the look of it)?

 Serious. If he's as evil as he is portrayed, there must be a mountain of evidence. Is there, or is he the smartest most devious villain that ever lived? 

Maybe we should compare his time in power and how many innocents have died worldwide through his orders, with how many innocents have died worldwide from the orders of our government over the same time period.

I really dont know where to start, but maybe we should start with some Russians themselves. There are dissidents (people who live their lives in Russia) who are liking Putin's regime to the Mafia. The word "Totalitarian Regime" is thrown around liberally by the leader of the (banned) opposition party. Perhaps they are wrong? I suspect that they know more about life under Putin than you or I.

 You can't take that as a balanced view. That's so one sided even the BBC wouldn't claim it as evidence.

Having just watched your clip, thanks for the patronisation and I will leave you to it.

 No patronisation intended. I put it there in reply to your dismissal of anyone that doubts 2 planes could bring down those 3 buildings, not to remind you of how scientific investigations work(plus I respect her views very highly).

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It's all gone quite, i wonder why.

Have the msm and government forgotten their rage, instant allegations and demands of punishment before any evidence could be correctly gathered and evaluated?

The Russians rightly want answers to a possible list of lies. Can't blame them really.

I like lie n°7.

LIE №7  The so-called “Novichok”  is a Soviet invention and it, supposedly, could  have been produced  only in Russia.

It is necessary to remind that “Novichok” is the name invented in the West for a group of chemical agents which were developed in many countries, including in the United Kingdom. In one of his recent interviews, the Secretary of State Boris Johnson confirmed that the United Kingdom has samples of this substance at the laboratory in Porton Down. Actually, we have a lot of questions to ask this laboratory. It would be interesting to know how they determined that the Skripals had been poisoned with a “Novichok”-type nerve agent. Because any reasonable person would understand that you can establish this if you have the original component to which you can compare the chemical which has been found. It follows that this laboratory has a stock of “Novichok”, and, possibly, also the antidotes which were used in the Skripals’ treatment. 

In Russia, there has never been any research and development or experimental work conducted as part of a programme under the name of “Novichok”. I reiterate, there has never been a programme with such a name. In the Soviet times, starting with the 1970s, not only the Soviet, but also the British and American scientists were working on creating new types of nerve agents. This is how the famous VX nerve gas was created. And in the 1990s, after the breakup of the USSR, the Western special services exported from Russia a group of chemists together with the documentation. The specialists in the West began to closely study the documents and, based on them, started working in this direction, achieved certain results, which were made public. 

We know very well that the “Novichok”-type nerve agents were in production in a number of countries. And, unlike our Western partners, who are constantly rolling their eyes and saying that they know something but that it, as they say, is intelligence data and they cannot reveal it, we operate in a different fashion. We work with open sources. Thus, on December 1, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office contacted the Russian agency responsible for issues concerning patents with a request to check the patentability of an invention made by an American scientist T. Rubin. Here is this document (demonstration).

  This document talks about the invention of a special bullet, the distinctive feature of which is that it has a separate cavity for equipping it with different kinds of toxic agents. When using the mentioned invention, the lethal effect is achieved due to the effect of this toxic agent on the human body. In other words, this ammunition falls under the jurisdiction of the CWC. The principle of operation of the bullet consists in equipping it with binary components which interact with each other upon impact. And this is what we read on the page 11 of this official American document, “At least one of the active substances may be selected from nerve agents including... tabun (GA), sarin (GB), soman (GD), cyclosarin (GF), and VG, …VM, VR, VX, and [attention!] Novichok agents.” 

In other words, this document confirms that in the United States the “Novichok”-type nerve agents were not just produced but also patented as a chemical weapon. And not some long time ago, but just a couple of years ago – the patent is dated December 1, 2015. 

Moreover, searching by the key word “Novichok” on the digital source you can find over 140 patents issued by the United States, related to the use and protection from exposure to the “Novichok” toxic agent. 

These are the real facts, not some idle talk, and the response to those who insolently claim that the “Novichok”-type nerve agents existed and were produced in the USSR and Russia.

 Anyone told the press? I'm sure they'd be interested and rather embarrassed.

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