The players not worthy of playing with Lemons vs the Garbage Gangstas

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Sadoldgit posted this 12 February 2018

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Gut reaction.

We are a team of midgets with no pace. We are set up to play on the deck so Liverpool set up with insane pace across the whole pitch and pressed us in every part of the pitch and we were shit and MoPe had no plan B to help the guys.


Yes Liverpool pressed us at pace. Yes that disrupted our flow and tempo. It also gave large gaps on the field which we tried (and failed) to exploit with a series of "floaty" 30+ yard crossfield passes (on a windy day).

Watford pressed us with pace and muscle - we folded. Liverpool pressed us with pace and skill - we held our own for 45 minutes (barring a horro air shot and statuesque defending.

The key problems - are not short term and not just MoPe - we NEED faster bigger more athletic players, we NEED a 6ft 6in CB we are short in the air. We NEED pace we have none.

Yoshida is our fastest CB but not one of us would have picked him yesterday. Hoedt looked slower than a Steam Traction Engine on its way to Stourpaine against Ox Mane et al.

We didn't give up second half, Liverpool simply closed down the simple balls we usually play - boom - no rythm and eventually we couldn't pass the ball 5 yards.

It was horrific. We were outclassed, fans around me were screaming get it forward - but our shape 4 t the back meant Stephens and Hoedt were facing 3 attackers rotating. So Romeu drops to help. Then PEH has to join him then - nothing - no outlet forwards JWP Tadic were not in sight squeezed out and Grillo has 2 7 foot tall speed merchants on him.

The RECRUITMENT has been wrong - modern football needs steroid monsters running at 120mph not midgets like JWP Tadic, Cedric, Reed, Sims, Hesketh.

Garillo wasn't shit - he ways hopeless outclassed by two good CB's having an easy afternoon.

And in 2nd half with 5 minutes to go - watching Davis piss assing around on the half way line too scared to try a hopeful ball forward.


Tadic was the worst of an awful bunch. Lemina looked world class, he has pace and he is a unit. Well what a surprise - we just need 3 or 4 more of those in the new EFL.

We will pick up results, 10 teams are in the relegation scrap at the moment. Fear will kill us, not MopPe's lack of tactical astuteness.

He set us up exactly the same for Spurs - apart from soft early goals it would have worked. Sacking him this morning will NOT get a Tall Solid good in the air CB in.

We have to make do with what we have and hope we scrape some points.

I'm not sure we will but I AM so glad I finally watched a proper game of football live.

And I have feeling back in my legs and hands now

Spot on Phil.

Whilst we did ok in the first half, the game was as good as gone by half time. So I was surprised he didn't make a change at half time. Tadic was poor, yet he decided to take off the man in goal scoring form (JWP) who can cross a dangerous ball for our new 'target man'... (who I must say looks about 5' 10").  Even when Long came on, Carrillo then dropped off deeper so we didn't really have two up top. 

I understand it isn't as simple as fantasy football management but whichever way you look at things, it is quite scandalous how we didnt sign a replacement for VVD in January. Knowing full well he was off, even before I had put down my knife and fork on Christmas day. Yes, we had other centre backs in terms of numbers but definitely not in stature or ability. 

The lack of pace on the wing was clearly attempted to be resolved with the failed signings of Walcott and Promes but almost isn't really good enough when you are staring relegation in the face. We will never know if more could have been done with the Promes deal or whether it really was just a case that the Russians didn't want to sell him or couldn't get a replacement in time. Right now it is rather academic. 

But how on Earth did they not think they needed to buy a central defender?

If that is not mis-management of some kind then it must be blind faith in what is already there. I am not sure that there is sufficient evidence to support a view that we had enough quality at the back as it was. At the risk of digging up old arguments about Yoshida and Stephens, how many other teams would Stephens get in to in this league?

Anyway, we might be going down and I have come to terms with that already. If we stay up then I will be delighted. But what needs to happen is quite simple. We need to beat Stoke at home, Bournemouth at home and then find at least two winnable games from the away fixtures against Newcastle, Swansea, West Ham or Burnley. Given that those aforementioned teams are also fighting for their lives, it will be by no means be easy. We may even need to beat Chelsea... the other teams around us have beaten the 'top' sides yet we have yet to do so and I honestly can't see it changing.

Any news on Austin? I thought he was back in training but the commentator yesterday said he was still a month away!

 If you believe internet gossip Charlie was involved in a training ground punch up with another player/players for not trying hard enough to get fit!

Simon says posted this 12 February 2018

Not heard that one.

Did he not rub enough horse placenta on his hamstring? Is that it?

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