The Right Back Conundrum

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Jack Schitt posted this 10 May 2016

Pap is probably working on that right now... lou_wink2

Sadoldgit posted this 10 May 2016

Originally posted by BTripz

People who crticise Yoshi have invalidated themselves from any discussion about defenders. Siad people are more like sheep foloowing the populist opinion.

Given game time Yoshi has proved to be a more than capable CB, unfortuantely he does not fare so well at LB or RB and that is what clouds people's judgement of him.

 Nope, sorry but I formed the view of Yoshi by watching him play, not by reading what people say about him on TSW (where he gets a fair amount of support as well as slagging). He is less of a liability at CH because he has more cover, but he still makes way too many crucial mistakes for a Premiership quality player. He seems to lack a basic awareness of what is going on around him whichever position he plays. He tries hard and has a good attitude, but it would be hard to see him getting a game in many other Premiership teams. I used to think he was worth a place on the bench but now I think we would be better off selling him and brininging on a youngster.

Sadoldgit posted this 10 May 2016 - Last edited 10 May 2016

Originally posted by BTripz

I never realised quite hom much that ball bent, about as much as that Roberto Carlos free kick in the world cup I would have thought.

Yet where is his goal of the season nomination??

 If Harry Kane had scored that you can imagine the wankfest!  For me this has to be goal of the season. It looks especially brilliant from behind as you can really see the bend on the ball. Awesome strike.