The sack race

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SaintBristol posted this 4 days ago

Sky were convinced that Carvalhal would be sacked on Wednesday.  Spent Weds evening and back on Thursday morning until 7pm sitting in my car at the Liberty.  Of course he was sacked today.

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Fatso posted this 4 days ago

 How did you pass the time?

pap posted this 4 days ago

Originally posted by Nottarf Krap

Originally posted by pap

I've been listening to quite a few sports media thingies in podcast or radio form.

Apparently, West Ham want Benitez, which would be interesting, if only on a personal transition level.  Going from a club that likes him to one where the fans don't even like each other.

With the Dildo Brothers looming over him, I bet he wished he never opened his mouth.

 To be fair he has made it quite clear he wants to stay at Newcastle, but wants assurances on funds and control over transfers. He is probably one of the few high profile managers that has the status to stand up to the shyster who owns Newcastle. West Ham? I would be amazed if he went there. The Sports Direct arsehole will be crucified by the Geordie fans if he lets Rafa leave. They love him.

According to rumour, Newcastle isn't Ashley's first football club.

The rumour is that he has two failed clubs behind him, but ate all the evidence, the towns they were situated in, and any historical record of them ever existing.

And got poor kids to clean up vomit from fireplaces on zero hour contracts.

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