Tour de France

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The Kraken posted this 20 July 2015

Originally posted by CB Saint

Holy shit, did anyone see Geraint Thomas crash today. Went over side on a descent and whacked his head on a telegraph pole. Still managed to get back on his bike and finish. They breed them tough in Wales.

Just caught it on Eurosport, I was reading about it earlier.  He said "the doctor examined me as I had a bash on the head, and asked me a few questions like 'do you know who you are', so i told him I was Chris Froome". 

old ottery posted this 20 July 2015

Thomas is a real hard very good tour to-date supporting Froome but also placing 6th overall .

How he got up and finished....remarkable..


Couple of years ahead of Gareth Bale and Sam Warburton at Witchurch High school in Cardiff.

Warburton ..Captain of Wales Rugby...was also a very good footballer but chose Rugger..

Something in the water in that part of Wales.laughing

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Sfcsim posted this 20 July 2015

Sagan 2nd again..... On to next year for him now! 

Rallyboy posted this 24 July 2015

Nibali looked amazingly strong today.

With the emphasis on amazing...

He does nothing for a fortnight and then comes out and destroys the whole field with a lone breakaway?

Just saying...and remembering that five of his team failed drug tests a year ago.

Perhaps the French media would like to ask a few questions just as they would do if Froome looked as dominant as that?

old ottery posted this 24 July 2015

It would appear one or two of the other leading group..surprised


not getting hold of the right these mountain finishes.tongue-out



old ottery posted this 24 July 2015

The changing of cycles through the race....ok if mechanical/damage.


But not to have different cycles weights etc.


I think Nibali changed his for a motorised 250ccwink

Rallyboy posted this 24 July 2015

He also didn't know that the yellow had a mechanical problem when he launched his attack - even though he was looking at him...

Rallyboy posted this 24 July 2015

And we now have clear footage of a spectator spitting on Froome.

Will the french media condemn or help launch a hunt for the tosser?

Will they fuck.

They are interested in nothing more than perpetuating lies, ignoring blatant cheating and sucking up to the organisers.

These are the same people who vilified David Walsh when he rocked the boat.

Team Sky must be wondering why they even support this event.

Lance Armstrong has damaged every future competitor but the media cowardly orchestrating a factless witch hunt leads to hatred being dished out on the stages.

There was TV footage and a hundred support vehicles + gendarmerie following.

Finding the guy who spat would have been easy - have we seen an arrest yet?

I do hope they prove me wrong and something is done.




But they won't.