What now for the season?

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pap posted this 24 January 2016

So we've had three great results, but the reality is that we're only a bad run away from having a dead rubber season.   I don't think any of the Champions League spots are capturable.   There's already a gap opening up and those teams are either bang on form or full of quality.

I'd be happy with another Europa finish and signing a few of our players to long term contracts.   What are your expectations?

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Goatboy posted this 24 January 2016

Long way to go yet. I'll settle for another European adventure.

lifeintheslowlane posted this 24 January 2016 - Last edited 24 January 2016

As Ronald says, we aim for as high a position as possible. Top four looks pretty set but if one of those four falter we must be in a position to put pressure on them. Will we be close enough to take advantage? Probably not but a successful season with our new goal-machine firing us to a record points total and European qualification will be something nobody expected a couple of weeks ago.

Bucks posted this 24 January 2016

Wanyama to stay.  Austin to look like a complete and utter bargain.   RK to sign a new contract in the summer.   Thats all. 

ericofarabia posted this 24 January 2016

What's with this I'd be happy with another Eurpoa League Spot?

It would be a massive acheivement to qualify again, as I'm pretty sure you need to finish 5th to get in it. 

Only 3 spots available from Englan. 5th EPL, FA Cup Winners and League Cup Winners.


So we really must hope for Man City to win Thr League Cup, Arsenal or Man City to win The FA Cup and do the best we can to climb the table. Quite conceivable that at least 2 of Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool may not be in Europe next year!!

This all makes our disasterous run in with silly mistakes in winnable games look even more depressing. Even just a "bad" run would have seen us right in the mix!!

Rallyboy posted this 24 January 2016

I'd like to finish above Liverpool and Chelsea.

I think Spurs are playing too well and I fear united will crawl over the line ahead of us.


I'd take 6th if you offered it now.

Though I might push for 5th...


The idea of that a fortnight ago was the talk of a madman!

Areola Grandee posted this 24 January 2016

7th again would be great... but suspect it will be 8th or 9th at best. Then again I am a pessimistic twat...

ant posted this 24 January 2016

No different to what the scenario's been since the turn of the year. 8th to 12th finish, with little to play for due to having been dumped out of every cup going.

Doesn't mean we won't have some fun and cause some more upsets along the way... innocent

Lets B Drinking posted this 24 January 2016

Or one of Spurs, ManU or Liverpool win the Europa League and finish 5th in the prem.

Fatso posted this 24 January 2016

Would be delighted to finish 7th again.

Sfcsim posted this 24 January 2016

Would like to match last season, but would love 6th. I will have to stick with what I said at the start of the season 10th-12th.... But I said with a Cup. 

Lone thing, there is a lot of shit in a poor premier league so no reason not to get top 6, as we have a pretty good team. All depends if we can keep the players fit. Forster has to stay fit!

Barry Sanchez posted this 24 January 2016

10th to 7th, probably about 9th, the Cups always hurt me.

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Rallyboy posted this 24 January 2016

Get your bras fitted properly then.

Numptyboi posted this 26 January 2016

A Europa place would be terrific, but I can't see it happening. Therefore a decent top 10 finish and a quiet summer with a squad of players who want to be here, having a full pre season together, will bode well for next term.

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Dubai_Phil posted this 26 January 2016

Champions League Qualification. Not a doubt

We are playing rubbish, every team we turn up against has a bad day, we've got our December glitch out of our system and will obviously win every game now that the Dubai Crew have discovered the secret Casual Crew formula.





Then we play Arsenal away...


So 8th would be nice

BTripz posted this 26 January 2016

Top half would be good, finishing above West Ham and Liverpoo would be the cherry on the icing.