When I Saw This I Laughed Or At Least I Smiled Or At Least I Wasn't Bored

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saintbletch posted this 30 April 2016 - Last edited 30 April 2016

This probably belongs here. 

The UKIP open-top bus just made its way down my road playing an annoyingly loud recording of either Cameron or Farage (as we know one cunt sounds very much like another).

It was so loud and so annoying that it brought me to my front door to see what was going on.

As it passed my house, I thought about heckling the solitary old bloke on the top deck of the bus who, aping the Queen, was deigning to wave at nobody in particular.

I decided to keep my counsel until, as he passed the tree outside my house the overhangs our tiny road, he was struck on the head by one of the branches.

I shouted "Karma. Twat."

And went back inside laughing my head off.

lifeintheslowlane posted this 30 April 2016

Originally posted by pap

I think this should probably go here.  Mum just read out a Facebook status from her feed.  Normally, this would bore the tits out of me, but my time was not wasted

Originally posted by Concerned Father

I have seen a lot of stuff on Facebook about bullying.  I would just like to say that if anyone tries to bully my little girl, I will slam-choke the little cunt.  Thank you for listening.

It's good to be back on the Flower Estate.

 My Uncle, Aunt and 5 cousins lived in Violet Road and grew up to be solid middle class, golf playing, pringle wearing, top notch human beings. See there are exceptions. lou_wink2

TedMaul posted this 30 April 2016

One of my closest friends grew up on Begonia Road.  The Flower estates always had a bad rep, but compared to other towns it's a decent estate.

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Lol, I can sit here watching that again and again.

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is there a longer version where it Explodes? Is it 4real? It reminds me of: