Whose ale is that lager?

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ant posted this 12 August 2017

Didn't manage to make the 12.40 train, so it'll be 13.42 into Central. Will still show face though!

Bucks posted this 12 August 2017

Originally posted by saintbletch

Originally posted by Goatboy

What time is early Mr Bletch sir?

About 7pm last night? (About the time you started on the gin)

Too late now mate. 

I would have had to leave by now but nobody could be arsed to reply. 

None taken. lou_eyessky

I think I'll be going to some Sunday games (as long as my dealer comes through), so I'll see you all at one of those. Except Bucks who can go fuck himself.


 You asked if anyone was going to be early.  I didn't realise that you wanted multiple negative replies, to ram home how unpopular you are.

Face it you are avoiding me because of the Fantasy League.  Keep looking up.

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