Worst drinks you have drunk

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Intiniki posted this 18 January 2017

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People don't like Bacardi? Seriously?

Mai Tai's



Now that other White Spirit - Gin - I could understand that.....

 I love rum, especially in a good mojito. However, it has got to be proper rum and I don't include the nail varnish that is Bicardi in that. 

Dubai_Phil posted this 18 January 2017

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End of a Beer Festival in Dubai a few years back, still had a voucher left, really didn't need anymore to drink (as a video out there somewhere of me dancing will attest!!) but decided we'd share one last beer, but be a bit experimental. 

I can't remember if it was Banana, Chocolate or Strawberry Beer, but whatever it was one sip and I nearly threw up the rest of the evenings beer!! Leave beer as it should be - keep fruit and sweets well away!!

The smell of Gin makes me gag after trying to play catch up with mates just back from a London away game. Stonecold sober glug of Gin from the bottle .... I really thought they were playing a trick on me and poured some cheap perfume into the bottle. Also the smell of Carlsberg Special Brew makes me want to heave after a teenage session led to me being sick for two fdays and all I cold taste / smell was the sickly Special Brew. YUK.

 Was that your famous Dad Dance night?

May have to tweet that tomorrow then

 That's the one. For some unknown reason I can't find the copy I saved ... will put up with the indignity to see it again just as a warning as to what booze can do to you embarassed

 Currently suffering from deep fried computer will get sorted over weekend I have backups