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BTripz posted this 08 September 2016

Originally posted by pap

Originally posted by BTripz

10th November £350 for the PS4 Pro

Three hundred and fifty knicker to bang out 4K visuals.

It's a no-brainer and probably a pre-order. no games or extra controller though :-(

Might be better to wait nearer the time though...

pap posted this 08 October 2016

One of the series I've missed most since not buying an XBOX One is undoubtedly Forza.   Originally Microsoft's answer to Gran Turismo, I think it has become a better game than its inspiration.   Not only that, but the series spun off into something even more up my street, Forza Horizon.   I played the original on the 360, didn't get to play the second because of its exclusivity.  I'm playing the third now on PC.

Oddly enough, when I bought it, I also bought the XBox One copy.  It's part of a new initiative from Microsoft called XBox Anywhere, sort of like Playstation's cross-buy facility.  I don't actually own an XBox One, but I have at least one game if I ever do.

Pretty glorious stuff.   One of the compromises that the original had to make was a locked 30 frames per second.   60 would be the gold standard.    It's running at 4K @ 60FPS on my machine.   It's very nice.

Truly open world.  Things aren't walled off, making for some breathtaking jumps.   It's like a large scale Burnout Paradise.   It's got the rewind function from Forza, the handling is bloody lovely.  There have been a few occasions this morning when I've had to rewind, just taken the characteristics of the car, such as drivetrain, etc, and known exactly how to sort it.

Fantastic stuff.  Already being feted as the best driving game ever.   Not sure about that, but it is bloody gorgeous.

Only on XBOX One*.
* Not really, and it's better on PC.