is a forum focusing on the football team, city and people of Southampton, England.

Started in May 2015, Sotonians is aiming to be the best pound-for-pound #saintsfc discussion board on the planet.

We are small, but perfectly formed from a nucleus of some of the best #saintsfc forum posters around. We probably swear too much. Actually, fuck that, we definitely swear too much. Rest assured, it ain't for lack of vocabulary. Please don't hold it against us.


Most of us are fervent fans of Southampton FC, although one or two support other teams and we've got at least one out and out oddball that doesn't like football at all. Quite a few of us go to Southampton home games.

We have a matchday drinking club that meets when people can be arsed.


We also talk about the city of Southampton and the surrounding area. Many of the people who post here are locals, and our thread of old pictures of Southampton, lovingly maintained by Sfcsim, gets praise from all over.

We've also done restaurant reviews, rambling reports from drinking establishments and cover local news stories.


What makes a Sotonian? Some purists might insist on a birth in the city, but for us, it's anyone with a connection or affection for Southampton.

You might live there, have been born there or have moved after losing or winning a bet. Our definition of Sotonian is broad.

Why should I join?

The majority of football forums are needlessly inhospitable places.

We don't think you need to hand others a shit time to have a good time. In fact, we know it.

We avoid filler content Me too. THIS! Sotonians crave not these things. We've got cool site features, such as voting, that cut a lot of this out.

We trust people to be responsible men-children or women-children. We don't run a swear filter.

We're also much more likely to speak topics outside of Saints. We are big on politics, love our music and venture into geek and literature territory.

We're welcoming and friendly the extent where we have two butlers dedicated to introducing people to the site.

Site features

  • Points Earn points when people like your stuff. Points are an informal means of reputation.
  • Voting Vote content up or down. The producer of the content receives or loses points based on your vote.
  • Polls Add a poll to your threads. Get some solid answers, dammit!
  • Automatic Saints FC news feed We aggregate Southampton FC content from all over the web, putting it in one handy place for the time-poor Saints fan
  • Badges The site doles out badges to users, which are a bit like gamer achievements, except created with a lot more whimsy. We like to produce custom badges for our peeps once we get to know them.

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