Beelzebub's Official Match thread: Klopp's Nivia 'softlads' vs The Mighty Demons of Southampton

  • Last Post 21 November 2017
Dubai_Phil posted this 20 November 2017

Ffs tripzy it's Phang Nga Phuket.


We don' need a new manager.

We need Lemons back.


newyorksaint posted this 20 November 2017

Nelly and Kat have both got Southampton advent calenders

just Nellys is bigger

steveintheforest posted this 20 November 2017

Originally posted by newyorksaint

Still think Big Sam would be a good long term option

 Lol .... drink or drugs NYC ?

Dubai_Phil posted this 20 November 2017

Took me a moment to realise...

It' a WHU fan

Dubai_Phil posted this 21 November 2017

The best person to replace Pellegrino? Er... Tony Pulis 

So what kind of manager do Saints need to succeed Pellegrino? Someone with experience of Premier League relegation struggles, obviously. A manager with a track record of successful firefighting, who will organise a team of limited talents and hold his nerve under pressure — not one who will see the way out as a £100million January spending spree.

They need a pragmatist, a coach who will not place aesthetics or his personal reputation above the immediate needs of the club; someone who will not care what the critics think, and if that means winning ugly or scrapping for a point, then so be it.

The fans may be willing to sacrifice elite division status for a more open, entertaining style, but no owner agrees.

Right now, Saints need a manager who will dig in and drill his players to do the same. And there is the dilemma for owner Gao: the ideal man to replace Pellegrino would appear to be Tony Pulis.

If Saints fans carry on moaning, he would be a cert for the job.

Actually the article was by Martin Samuel about West Brom but tbh it fits our dilemna exactly and no, I do not want Pulis
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